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Convenient Everyday Information

Military Culture Festival tourist attractions
Sutyongchu, We will show the passion of, GYERYONG CITIZEN
Useful Phone Numbers
Item Associated Agencies Telephone Number Remarks
Nonsan City Agencies (Area Code) 041 Nonsan Branch, Daejeon District Court 745-2036
745-2038 Register Services
Nonsan Office, Daejeon District Attorney’s Office 745-2501~04
Nonsan City Hall 730-1114 Operator
Nonsan Gyeryong Education Support Office 735-7891~94
Nonsan Police Office 733-0112, 745-7000 Main Public Services Office
Nonsan Tax Office 733-2100 Public Services
Transportation Daejeon STN 257-7788 Daejeon
West Daejeon STN 522-7788 Daejeon
Gyeryong STN 841-7941 Dugye-li
GRD Regional Hospital Public Health Center 840-2560 Namseon-li
Namseon Public Health Subcenter 840-2560 Namseon-li
GRD Regional Hospital 550-1746 Inside Gyeryongdae