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Introduction to Gyeryong City

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Sutyongchu, We will show the passion of, GYERYONG CITIZEN



With the Cheonhwangbong Peak of Gyeryongsan Mountain as the motif, this image representing a rustic city of harmony between mountains and rivers is composed of the color green for Gyeryongsan Mountain and nature (unchanging traditions), blue for the Geumgang River and youth (new changes), with Gyeryong City (center of the Korean peninsula, most favored land) nestled between Gyeryongsan Mountain and the GGR.

Mascot : Mr. Young


Gyeryong City’s geography has been described to resemble an ascending dragon, a flying dragon playing with a marble, and a dragon with its body in a coil. The dragon has been long thought of as a symbol of Gyeryong City. Mr. Young departs from the traditional image of grandeur and dignity and takes on a more friendly, kind and adventurous look, and embodies the new leap forward Gyeryong City is undertaking.

Global Brand


This brand expresses the image of a rustic city with clear skies, rich soil and clean waters to actively promote the image of a dynamic Gyeryong City fast becoming the true center of Korea with its elevation to city status.

Official Tree : Pine

The pine, standing tall and straight, represents the stalwartness of a virtuous person in the face of hardship and change. As an evergreen tree, it signifies the never-ending prosperity of Gyeryong City. As the tree that is the father of all trees, and a symbol of the changing of the generations, the pine is a symbol of the people of Gyeryong City, who value trust and the three bonds and the five moral disciplines in human relations.

Official Bird : Pitta Brachyura

As a rare passerine bird seen in the summer, with a body length of about 18cm and designated Natural Treasure 204, the 8 vibrant colors of the bird represent the urge of the people of Gyeryong City to create a city where growth and progress in the eight areas of information & knowledge, agriculture, urban construction, administration & welfare, environment, arts & culture, and regional economy go hand in hand.

A bird that lives by order and rules, and a bird that takes good care of its young, the Pitta also fits the “welfare ideology” of Gyeryong City with respect for elders and care for the weak and senior citizens.

Official Flower : Royal Azalea

The flower’s ability to grow through pollution and the cold represent the unwavering spirit of the people of Gyeryong City, and its brilliant yet gentle beauty stand for the “Gyeryong Community” of culture and the arts. The 5 petals of the coronet stand for the values Yearn, Originality, Union, Nerve and Glow of the young city of Gyeryong,