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Introduction to Gyeryong City Hall

Military Culture Festival tourist attractions
Sutyongchu, We will show the passion of, GYERYONG CITIZEN
A city, small but second to none in the quality of life. We welcome you to Gyeryong City, and hope we can be of help in guiding you through our city.

I extend my welcome for all netizens to visit our "Gyeryong City with the harmony of private and military sectors, happy city and capital of national defense".
Our City is the hub of national defense where the three-military forces, Navy, Army and Air Force, have their headquarters with its background of splendid sceneries of Gyeryong-san, the spiritual mountain of Korean people and the City was opened on September 19, 2003 with its 5th elected term in general election.

In future, as the Mayor of Gyeryong City, I am committed to build a splendid national defense and exemplar city through flawless communication and harmony of private and military sectors with its "unyielding heart" to serve its citizens.

I hope you to find our city homepage as the place to exchange beneficial information and pray to have you and your family with full of health and happiness at all times.

Thank you.

Choi Hong-mook, Mayor, Gyeryong City